Extending the Lifetime of Your Kitchen Appliances


The large appliances in your kitchen can get a lot of use, especially if you are cooking frequently. But even if you aren’t a master chef- the stove, refrigerator, and garbage disposal can wear down easily with everyday use and improper maintenance. At Master Rooter LLC in Bayfield, Colorado, we offer a large variety of services including the installation of these important appliances in your home. But after we install your brand new appliance, consistent and proper care can greatly extend the functionality and lifetime of your appliances, while also preventing major repairs.



The stove in your kitchen can easily represent the heart of your home, bringing warmth and comfort to all of your meals. To prevent major repairs and replacement there are a few practices to adopt, including properly cleaning your stove. Using the correct cleaners for your stove is critical, as well as making sure to avoid getting any cleaner or liquid into the knobs or electrical units of the stove. Additionally, you may have heard about putting foil under the oven’s bake element or oven coil to catch food debris, but this can actually negatively affect the heat levels in the stove. The reflective surface interferes with the heating element as well as blocking airflow, which can cause failure later in time. Also, if you have a hood vent on your stove it can quickly build up debris and grease residue, so we recommend changing the filter on the vent every few months. The air duct itself on the hooded vent also needs to be cleaned occasionally to ensure the air continues to flow easily.



In most homes, the refrigerator gets the bulk of use even if you aren’t cooking daily. You and your family are opening and closing it constantly, which means it is working overtime trying to maintain its temperature and keep your perishable foods at a safe temperature for consumption. Experts suggest that one of the best things that you can do for the upkeep on this appliance, is to clean the condenser coils at least once a year. The condenser coils are usually under or behind the refrigerator and can easily attract dust, pet hair and other debris. If the condenser coils continue to have buildup and are not cleaned regularly, they will be working much harder to transfer heat to the outside of the refrigerator. This can eventually lead to a premature breakdown of the unit and can significantly reduce its lifetime.

If your refrigerator has a drip tray, it is a good idea to clean that frequently as well and keep an eye out for debris in the drainage hole at the bottom. Another factor to consider when installing your refrigerator is the location and amount of space between your unit and other cabinets or walls. In order to remove heat efficiently without overheating, most refrigerators require a couple of inches of “breathing room” around the top and sides of the unit.



We are all forever grateful for the invention the dishwasher, but this workhorse needs a little bit of love every once and awhile too. Before the dishes even reach the inside of your unit, make sure that all large pieces of food debris are scraped or rinsed off. This helps prevent food particles building up on the moving parts of your dishwasher. It is also beneficial to check the spinners on the inside for buildup on the tiny holes, which can be cleaned easily with a small toothpick or skewer. On most dishwashers, the drain is located on the bottom, near the front of the machine, and can be a common place for larger pieces of food to gather. This buildup can cause backups and create stress on your dishwasher, so clean this drain as often as you can. Experts also suggest running through a cycle with an over the counter dishwasher cleaner every 6 months or so to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible. Another great trick to help clean your unit and reduce calcium buildup, is to place a cup full of white vinegar on the top shelf of an empty dishwasher and run a load with hot water.

Garbage Disposal


Last but certainly not least is your garbage disposal. It is impressive how well these appliances work, and if you can extend the lifetime of yours with these simple tricks you will be thankful later on. Your garbage disposal is made for biodegradable food only, and there are certain items you should never put in it such as grease or plastic. Another thing to remember is to keep the appliance as clean as possible and don’t let food sit in it without running it. Keep your garbage disposal clean by letting it grind up pieces of citrus fruits or running baking soda and vinegar down it regularly. You can also help your unit out by not forcing large objects into it and cutting your food into smaller pieces. While you are washing the debris into the drain and letting it run, keep the water running the entire time as well as 20 seconds after you no longer hear it grinding.

Taking the time to give some much deserved attention and maintenance to your larger kitchen appliances is a great way to extend their lifetime and efficiency, which will end up saving you money on repairs and placement later on. Master Rooter LLC in Durango, Colorado, offers installation services for most of these kitchen appliances and we want to help with the extension of the lifetime of these kitchen warriors!







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